It´s a typical Saturday in February. The grass in wet with yesterday´s rain, the clouds block out the sky and a few spectators take refuge in their coats.

The referee has blown up for the first scrum of the match. It´s not just a routine set piece, is a duel, just like in Westerns. It´s not just winning the ball, it´s showing the opponent that the match is yours, that he is yours. They are going to suffer.

I am tight, concentrated, and anxious. We huddle up, I clean the mud from my studs with my fingers, so I don´t have to retreat one inch. We don´t need to say anything, it´s all said in the eyes of my mates, by blood brother.

Our opponents are bigger than us, but I know that the best technique and ability to put up tith pain will win. The force of eight forwards working as one.

I bind on to my companions and the tension in eack finger runs up my arm to the rest of my body. Amongst the mist of steam, I first see my feet and then a forest of legs, friend and foe. Good posture, straight back, balance, low center of gravity. I am a bulldozer, they must know we are here, the must suffer.

The referee starts the sequence, I hold my breath and launch myself forward. BOOM! We are set. Like a strange animal with two sets of legs. The scrum half puts in the ball, I hear the change, I count, one, two, three in my head and with a primitive grunt, all eignt pairs of legs extend. An endless moment looking for balance, everyone shaking from the pressure, we take a small step forward, we are progressing.

I see the ball pass under me. We won it against the head. We won one battle, but there will be another one just meters away. There is no rest. I am gasping for air, but I am up and running along with by teammater. Another breakdown, another ball to win, another gain line to cross.

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